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Napoleon. 20. Central Florida. Day dreamer. A blog of many inspirations and influences. And the occasional ramblings of a lost cosmonaut.  Cosmonauts


»still waiting« by anatol knotek
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»still waiting« by anatol knotek

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I’m an incoherent mess. If only I could figure everything out. Real life is stressful when you think about it. No more escaping it.

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*sees a dog*

me: nice

*PETS a dog*

me: NICE

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A series from early 2013

"Untitled Series"

Acrylic on Paper 2013

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ART: Outside The Lines by Ramona Rosales

Romana Rosales, who’s done a lot of editorial work, made a new series of photographs of events “just after a moment of impact” — just after a glass breaks, for instance.

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Óscar Domínguez. Souvenir de Paris, Butterflies Lost in the Mountains, Guanche Cave, The Steamroller and the Rose (top to bottom). 1930s.

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